Installing from iso file: two ext3 partions on the disk

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On Monday 17 March 2008 14:57:34 Dotan Cohen wrote:
> I have googled for how to install Ubuntu without burning a disc, and
> found many articles, however, they all assume that one is starting
> with a Windows partition. They therefore will not work in my
> situation. I currently have Feisty running in hda2 and I want to
> install alphas and betas of Hardy in hda1. Therefore, I already have a
> bootable Linux partion. Assuming that the iso is on hda4 (/home), and
> I have a bootable Ubuntu in hda2 (/), how can I install Hardy in hda1?
> The hardware is a Dell Inspiron E1505 / 6400 2gHz DuoCore2 with 2GB
> RAM, ATI X1400 and 80GB 7200RPM hard drive. Thanks in advance.
> Dotan Cohen

I've done that while on gutsy (but encountered lots of probs with those famous frambuffer probs)
Its quite easy, but for it to work u will need a partition where to store the ISO (it must be on the root of that partition), and add the folowing to your grub:
	title           ubuntu hd install root hd0,7
	root            (hd0,7)
	kernel          /hdboot/vmlinuz root=hd0,7 ro
	initrd          /hdboot/initrd.img

you will also need the content of the hdboot mini iso available on the archives (i'm offline currently so i can give you the proper link).
Good luck, and let us know how you did it.
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