Recompiling the 6.06.2 Kernel

Tue Mar 18 08:06:41 UTC 2008

I thought I 

De:  Nils Kassube
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Asunto: Re: Recompiling the 6.06.2 Kernel

Miano, Steven M. wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a site that has a simple (layman's terms) way to
> recompile the kernel so that it operates on 1000 Hz as opposed to the
> 2.6.15-28-server kernel that seems to have it set at a lower setting?

>Maybe this is what you're looking for:


I would prefer a kernel installation without recompile (install a binary package ?). Can it be done using update-manager or in other similar visual way (withouth type in the terminal)?.
This would be great for newbies.
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