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Tue Mar 18 03:32:56 UTC 2008

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Old Ranger wrote:
> Greetings to all,
> I recently installed 7.10 on part of my laptop, where FreeBSD used to 
> reside.
> I wanted to try Ubuntu.  I like it very well, for the week I've had it.  
> Works great!
> Today, I noticed in the System Monitor that I grossly oversized my swap 
> partition during initial installation.
> Physical memory is 2Gb.  I thought I was specifying 2Gb of swap, when I 
> actually specified 20Gb.  OOPS.
> So, I downloaded the live CD of Gparted, burned the iso to CD, booted 
> up, and resized the swap to 2 Gb.
> Also resized the /usr partition accordingly, etc...
> Ok, now the question.
> When I start the system, swap does not automatically come "on", it is 
> not automatically recognized by the OS.
> However, I can turn "swapon" by using Gparted from the GUI while system 
> is running.
> Sooooo, did I shoot myself in the foot?  Or is there a way to make 
> Ubuntu be aware of the newly shrunk swap partition WITHOUT reinstalling 
> the entire system?

When you run swapon - are you specifying the partition or just using the
- -a option?  Ubuntu uses UUID in the /etc/fstab file, not /dev mount
points,  and the UUID of the swap partition changed when you sic'ed
gparted on it.
Use vol_id or something like it to figure out the new swap partition
uuid, or just replace the uuid with the /dev path if you prefer.

Hope that helps,

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