Install Ubuntu - Booting from External Hard Drive

John Doe hommeentete at
Mon Mar 17 21:38:28 UTC 2008


       I've tried several times to install Ubuntu Server LTS on an IBM 6220
desktop I have and haven't had any success.  I've downloaded the CDROM
image and burned it to a CD and verified it.  I even tested the CD by
booting my Macbook from the CD. Works fine.  But I think something is
wrong with the CDROM Drive in the IBM Machine because it won't work now
- - although it did once when I was trying to boot from an un-verified CD.
 So I'm still trying to install Ubuntu.  The computer recognizes and
seems to read my 8GB external hard drive fine so I was wondering if I
can boot from that.  I tried just using the same disk image and putting
it onto the ex. hard drive but when I try to boot from that I just get a
blinking cursor.  Any ideas on how I can boot and install from an
external hard drive or how I can get the cd to work?  Thanks.

- - hommeentete
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