Argh! User deleted packages from their machine, now sound is broken

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Mar 17 19:13:50 UTC 2008

Michael S. Peek wrote:

> Hello Ubuntu gurus,
> Long story short, I have a power-user with root access on his own
> machine, who has decided to remove some "unnecessary" packages.  Now
> sound doesn't work on his machine. 

Does he need it for his job?  I would say he's on his own otherwise...

> Is there anyone who can tell me how 
> to find a list of just the packages are related to system sound, so that
> I can check, reconfigure, and reinstall any missing packages?
> Or, does anyone know an easier way to fix a problem like this?

Not me, sound is just a step away from wizardry. :-(

How did he remove the packages?  It may be logged (aptitude logs what is
installed and removed, I don't know if that's at the "apt" level, or
somewhere higher).

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