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[note]cross posting to both kdepim and Ubuntu-Users. I'm sorry if this email duplicates for any user.[/note]

	Hi there.
	I'm trying to run either a shell script by it self or by piping it via Kmail's filters, that is able to replace the body of some old emails, with a new text from an already existing file, while keeping the attachments.
	If possible I would like to digitally sign them, but that is in no way a priority.

	I already use a on line 'sed' script to replace the text on other emails, but this is a bit more complicated thing its all the Content-Type: text/plain. See example:
Content-Type: text/plain;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

	Any tips? Thanks in advance
BUGabundo  :o)
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ps. My emails tend to sound authority and aggressive. I'm sorry in advance. I'll try to be more assertive as time goes by...

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