Benchmarking Solidworks in VirtualBox and VMWare Server

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Mon Mar 17 09:01:38 UTC 2008

On 17/03/2008, Alistair Crust <alistair at> wrote:
> That's some serious cad your doing!! I used to use solidworks when I was
>  doing work experience at a local agricultural engineering firm.
>  I'd be interested to know if you found any alternative programs similar
>  to solidworks. We use ProDesktop here at school on a windows terminal
>  server, but I'd really like to move away from a windows based program.
>  Unfortunately solidworks (I think) carries a hefty price tag (please
>  correct me if I'm wrong) and all the other cad programs if found so far
>  that run natively on linux are either way to pricey or not advanced
>  enough for us here at school.

Unfortunately, no matter how capable, no CAD program can replace
Solidworks in Israeli engineering. They have too much of a foothold.
If you don't use Solid, you are not an engineer.

Please, please write to SW and let them know that you need a Linux
version. That is the only way that they will write one. I have no
problem paying the $200 ($99 for students) for the program, so long as
it runs natively on Linux. Let them know that you are interested and
maybe, just maybe, if enough people write to them, they will listen.

Dotan Cohen

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