iwlist scan output incorrect?

Vitorio Okio ovitorio at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 17 02:11:40 UTC 2008

"Peter Garrett" <peter.garrett at optusnet.com.au> wrote in message 
news:20080317125427.29c07ec2.peter.garrett at optusnet.com.au...

>I'm not sure whether the bcm43xx driver supports WPA2-PSK/AES but

>a quick google turned up:


>Possibly the 2.6.24 kernel is required ( Gutsy does not have that of
>course) .

>I am currently using the bcm43xx , on my iBook G4 running the PPC 
>of Feisty, but only using WPA1 with shared keys, PSK etc.

>Perhaps yours is falling back to something possible because it can't
>handle the configuration that you prefer

My bad.  I've forgotten to mention that I do not have any trouble to 
connect.  That is, my connection is very stable and reliable.  The 
question is actually different.

First, 'iwlist scan auth' shows that my card does supports WPA2/AES 

Second, and the most important, my router is set up to accept 
connections with such configuration only.

Thus, even if my card would not support it, and try to fall back to 
WPA2/TKIP, I would expect the router to reject a connection.  But this 
is not a case, as I've mentioned above.

Hence the question, is the 'iwlist scan' output reliable?  Or DD-WRT 
behavior is unreliable and it is falling back to TKIP? 

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