hotmail formatting

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Mon Mar 17 00:38:58 UTC 2008

I have someone emailing me from a hotmail address.  When she emails, the 
quoted material is mixed into the new text as if it were a run-on, no 
newlines are showing up properly at all.  It's all just one long line 
that is wrapping according to the edge of my content pane (resize the 
pane, the text is rewrapped to fit the borders).  As you can guess this 
makes reading the message very difficult when there is a lot of quoted 
text, and it seems as if she top posts so all the previous material is 
mixed right in after her added material.

My email client is Thunderbird.

The headers are claiming her mail is multipart/mixed for content-type, 
MIME-Version 1.0.

Am I setting something wrong with my mail client, is she, or is this 
just a Hotmail quirk to put up with?

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