Sound card : Sound Blaster X-Fi ?

Scott (angrykeyboarder) geekboy at
Mon Mar 17 00:10:52 UTC 2008

Vincent Trouilliez spake thusly:

> So I am seeking feedback from you boys (and girls): anybody has
> experience on Ubuntu with an X-Fi ? Is the proprietary driver really a
> joke ?

I didn't know there was one.

> Is there a community/open source driver available for this card ?



"Creative actively preventing support due to no datasheets being released 
to ALSA developers. Reverse engineering work not started due to lack of 

I guess thee aren't any ALSA devs out there buying new PCs. I've not seen 
a new PC with a SoundBlaster card that *wasn't* an X-Fi in quite some 
time (well over a year). The X-Fi series replaced the Audigy series.

This truly sucks.

If I were buying a PC today, I'd get it without a sound card and buy a 
Audigy card on my own and install it (The Audigy cards are still for sale 
- they just aren't found in new PCs).


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