Evolution's crazy habit with moving an e-mail to a folder !?

Mario Vukelic mario.vukelic at dantian.org
Sun Mar 16 12:40:14 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-03-16 at 08:49 +0800, SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux wrote:
> YES, generally ALL mails come to INbox, where I do check and read
> it ! ;-)

Yeah, sorry, I had meant to add "... Because that's what I also do" to
my question. I was still trying to understand what exactly you are
taking issue with

> > > With deleting they go TRASH directly and aren't visible anymore except
> > > in TRASH !!
> > 
> > Yeah. It seems to me that this is expected: when I delete an email, I
> > _want it to end up in the Trash.
> Sure !

The way you phrased it and the three exclamation marks made it look like
you were complaining about this, too. That's why I asked

> Exactly !
> In these mess I do have to doublecheck in TRASH to find possible
> errorously deleted mails !! ;-|
> Just to avoid any errors I may have done !!! ;-)))

I see now, THIS is that you mean. Maybe I'm dense, but for me it was
very hard to understand this.


I have reviewed the whole thread again, and I see now that you kind of
told us that what you are really bothered by is that the Evolution
behavior (marking moved mails as deleted in the Inbox) makes it harder
to find an erroneously deleted email, in order to undelete it.

I have to agree, FWIW. However, if you use the very nifty and fast
Evolution search box, then you can quickly trim the number of listed
emails: just search for a word from the subject or body of the deleted

I, at least, found this to be a pretty efficient way to deal with this

> Well understood and not the topic here ! ;-)
> it's a simple POP conection and the dealing with the messages to be
> deleted or stored then !!

Well it is part of the topic because this requirement for IMAP et al.
influences Evo's behavior even when using POP. 

> How ???
> You made it so laboriously !!! ;-|

Maybe, but your liberal usage of exclamation marks and lack of focus
your actual problem makes it really hard to deduce what you really are
talking about, at least for me.

You could help yourself and those that want to help you by taking a few
lessons to heart from this guide by ESR:

> As for Lotus Notes I cannot prove you wrong because I am not on the most
> accurate releases myself and what I use and used I can proof: 
> YOU are really wrong !!! ;-(((
> Lotus does NOT copy / move via TRASH !!! 
> NONE of the more than a dozen mailers I already know does it !!

True, I was imprecise myself, or rather confused about what you actual
problem was (see whit I wrote above). What I meant was that Notes also
minimizes network traffic by moving messages to the Trash, and only
actually expunging them later, when the user tells it to. You are right
that it does not still show them as "deleted" in the Inbox in any way.

> Sorry, to say so and I hope it doesn't sound too harsh as 
> I cannot tell it more sophisticated because English isn't my native
> language. ;-)

No problem at all, but please try to be precise and focused. Frequent
digressions into hardly related areas are just confusing.

> BTW, and somewhat my conclusion:
> IT is sooo simple !
> Everthing works with 0 / zeros or 1 /one !!
> So, Evolution shall do 0/zero just TRASH the respective mail !!!
> or, Evolution shall do 1/one thing: Just copy / move respective mail to
> given folder / location !!!
> ;-D

I believe that some humility would be applicable. It's safe to assume
that the Evolution developers were not complete morons and might have
had a valid reason for doing things the way they did them.

You could start with searching the Gnome Bugzilla for bug/wishlist
reports about this issue, maybe you will discover the reasons. Also try
Google. Otherwise you might want to politely ask on the Evolution
mailing list whether a behavior change would be considered and what the
reasons are for the current behavior.

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