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飞文染翰 aronmalache at 163.com
Sun Mar 16 10:52:09 UTC 2008

 It is amazing that I must use it because I am on the bussiness of a Print shop,I do use many old devices such as old laster printers,and a not very old scanner.If I must remove the card to skip the waiting,I had better don't do it.But when I use Rhel,these problems didn't come out,is there any ways that I can skip the wait and use my old devices as usual?I really like ubuntu,I don't want to change only that computer back to the rhel,for my other computer have already worked perfectly using ubuntu.I am just waiting for 8.04LTS,and after I upgrad my computers to that version,I'd use it until next LTS version come out, LTS is better for using a network and share files,pringters,and even compack disk burners.Is that right?
Regard.For your reply.

2008-03-16,"Vincent Trouilliez" <vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr> :

>  I installed ubuntu7.10 on my PC,but when I boot the ubuntu ,it comes very slow.I try to find the problem,then I remove the 'splash' at the grub config during boot time.I found it says 'is not a ...',I don't know what it is .but next, it print 'try 8139too instead',then a long time wait.And after that ,boot without any other question.But while I am going to halt my system ,it also goes slowly,and even most time just stop with the printed 'Now halt the system' on the screen.Why is that?

Hmmm, that rings a bell ! ;-)
I had a very similar problem, but that was in Ubuntu Breezy nearly 3
year ago !

See my old bug report, maybe that will help you:


In short, in my case, the system was hanging at boot for around 20
seconds, with the kernel printing messages about the NIC driver,
just like you do. But in the end it turned out it had nothing to do with
the NIC drivers, but everything to do with my old Adaptec 2940 SCSI
controller card, which just happened to take 20 seconds to scan the
SCSI bus for devices ! So this was not a "bug", but a "feature" ;-/ of
the SCSI controller. Removing the SCSI card from the computer cured the
"problem"... it was only used for a crappy old scanner that doesn't work
anymore, and a dying, unreliable and noisy/rattling CD writer, so I just
renewed my hardware with non-SCSI devices so as not to need that
troublesome SCSI controller anymore...



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