Derek Gathright drgath at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 18:22:56 UTC 2008

There's a new web service out there at spokeo.com is essentially a social
network contacts aggregator thingymabobber.  While it is a very cool
service, there's a little button that you don't want to press called
"Connect my friends", because apparently that spams your entire contact list
inviting people to join on your behalf, and I think that is what just
Because GMail saves addresses I either recieve, send, or am CC'd on, Spokeo
just sent an "invite" on my behalf to all few hundred people in my contact
list.  Most of you I know, some of you I don't know. So just disregard the
invite that Spokeo just sent you, and sorry for the spam.  Check out the
service if you want, but just don't click that button.... or else... =)
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