What to do with this workstation

Gerald Dachs ubuntu at dachsweb.de
Sat Mar 15 20:32:09 UTC 2008

Am Sat, 15 Mar 2008 13:28:17 -0400
schrieb "Qiuli Han" <ivyharry at gmail.com>:

> Hi gang,
> For some reason i got a workstation with 2 quad core intel  E5410
> cpus and 8GB of FB-DIMM memory. It has only one PCI-E 16x slot, and
> the card on that slot is NVdia 8600GT with 256 DDR3 mem.

What a great machine! If it would be mine I would exchange the graphical
card against a smaller one, but maybe it has on board graphics?
I would put it to a place where I couldn't either see or hear it.
Then I would exchange all my computer with small diskless clients and
would let them boot from this machine. Additionally I would put
TV-Cards into it and let this machine be my monster VDR.
It has enough power for a lot of VMWare/VirtualBox instances.


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