who called sudo ?

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Giving Karl the benefit of the doubt, he could perhaps have misunderstood and assumed that 'install script' referred to setting up the operating system (which you could argue cannot be done by someone who would not have root level access to the machine), and of course before the OS is setup then there are indeed no users defined. Just me 2c


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  On Sat, Mar 15, 2008 at 11:02 AM, Derek Broughton <news at pointerstop.ca> wrote:

    Karl Larsen wrote:

    > dave selby wrote:
    >> I am writing an install script that needs to be root, its started with
    >> sudo install.py
    >> It needs to know who was the user that executed 'sudo install.py' ...
    >> any ideas how I get that info from the shell or sudo command ?

    >     If it is an install script there is no user identified so sudo can't
    > work. You need to figure out what your going to use this for and make
    > sure it can be used.

    Clearly not true:

    $ sudo -i
    root at bella:~# echo $SUDO_USER

    As for what you might use it for, I can imagine countless situations. Say
    you want to install a product with an "initial user" - who better to make
    the initial user than the actual person who does the install, who clearly
    has the privilege to set themselves up, anyway, and is also the only
    account you can immediately tell ever gets used.

    Karl, don't automatically assume the poster doesn't have a clue.

  Anyone, I repeat _anyone_, that listens to a word Karl says would be well advised to seek a second opinion.  He's a troll that has on numerous occasions given people malicious information.


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