Evolution's crazy habit with moving an e-mail to a folder !?

Mario Vukelic mario.vukelic at dantian.org
Sat Mar 15 15:14:07 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2008-03-15 at 22:35 +0800, SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux wrote:
> After reading e-mails in the INbox they go TRASH or get stored
> systematically !

Do I understand correctly that after you read an email in the Inbox, you
either delete it, or move it to some folder for storage? 

> With deleting they go TRASH directly and aren't visible anymore except
> in TRASH !!

Yeah. It seems to me that this is expected: when I delete an email, I
_want it to end up in the Trash.

> With "deleted e-mails NOT hiding" they are still visible in the INbox
> and disturb me !!!

Yeah, well, do enable the "Hide deleted messages" option, then. In an
other reply you said it _is enabled, so how can the deleted and
therefore invisible messages disturb you?

> To get them thrown out of the INbox one more step is necessary to EMPTY
> the INbox !! ;-)

No. If you have "hide deleted messages" on, they are not visible after
you delete them. And from the Evolution Help, "Deleting Mail":

"Evolution allows you to delete unwanted messages. To delete a message,
select it and press the Delete key, or click the delete tool in the
toolbar, press Ctrl+D, or right-click the message, then click Delete.

When you press Delete or click the Trash folder, your mail is not
actually deleted, but is marked for deletion. Your e-mail is recoverable
until you have expunged your mail. When you expunge a folder, you remove
all the mail that you have marked for deletion.To show deleted messages,
uncheck Hide Deleted Messages option from the View menu. You can view
the messages striken off for later deletion. You can also find deleted
messages in your Trash folder.

To permanently erase all the deleted messages in a folder, click Folder
> Expunge or press Ctrl+E.

Trash folders in GroupWise, local and IMAP accounts are actually virtual
search folders that display all messages you have marked for later
deletion. Hence, emptying Trash is nothing but expunging deleted mails
from all your folders in the account.

However, this is not true for the Trash folder on Exchange servers,
which behaves just the same as it does in Outlook. It is a normal folder
with actual messages in it. For more information about search folders,
see Using Search Folders."

You also can make Evolution empty the Trash automatically, in the
Preferences -> Mail Settings -> tab General.

> Generally I like Evolution's concept but these few thing's are more
> confusing me !! ;-D

As I said elsewhere, this behavior is common and exists to speed up mail
deletion on remote mail folders. If you are sifting through a lot of
mail, deleting as you go, you don't want to have the email client
communicate with the server over the network for every email you delete,
which is would be necessary if the email was "really" deleted. Instead,
the client just marks them for later deletion (and hides them if you
have the setting on as you should in most cases). Then you can "really"
delete them in one go, using Expunge Folder or Empty Trash, when the
additional slowdown does not bother you.

Clear? To be honest, I don't know why I have to explain that all so
laboriously to someone "with more than 35 years in IT" who is "no
greenhorn nor newbie ". Lotus Notes, for example, behaves more or less
the same way.

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