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Cybe R. Wizard cybe_r_wizard at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 14 03:15:25 UTC 2008

SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux <i-ubux at synass.net>  said:
> Hi Cyber R. Wizard

Hiya, svobi!  How ya doin'?

> Your last suggestion ended in "command not found" ! ;-(

Yes, the package, "menu," isn't installed on your system.
> Why shall I now install (all menu) again ??

You need to install the package, "menu," with the command: 
<sudo apt-get install menu>  
Or use the package manager of your choice.  I like synaptic.
The package, menu, doesn't re-install menus, only keeps menus in order.
I run it after each update or package installation.

> I am only wondering why they aren't sorted from A to Z completely with
> all but 
> from Keyring to Users & Groups and then another some again from
> Printing to User Profile Editor !?

Hopefully, ideally, running <update-menus> will fix this.
> I do not want to mess my system !!! ;-D
> Cheers, svobi

Here's what the package description says:
generates programs menu for all menu-aware applications
Debian menu keeps transparently the menus in the different
window-managers in sync with the list of installed programs.

Debian menu relies on a list of menu entries provided by programs
and a list of menu-methods provided by window-managers and other
menu-aware applications.

Menu provides system-level and user-level configuration and overrides
for both menu entries and menu-methods.
Sounds good, doesn't it ?
After installing the package, "menu," you may run the command:
to update your user menus or:
<sudo update-menus>  
in order to update your menus system-wide.  (thank you, Peter!)  It is
a utility to keep the various menu items properly in order.  It only
takes a few seconds to install and a few seconds to run it from a

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