Is there a way to undelete files on a USB key

Rashkae ubuntu at
Thu Mar 13 17:05:45 UTC 2008

Ashley Benton wrote:
> No the key doesn't have a linux file system but if it is too complex I will
> try to find on which computer the files have been deleted, maybe I can find
> them in the system somewhere. If I find the computer I already know where to
> look.
> Thank you for your answer

If the key was formated with a FAT file system (most are), then it
should not be complex at all... (well, complex if you do it yourself,
but fortunately, there's a plethora of utilities out there that can do
it for you).  You should be able to google and find some Undelete
software for windows (designed to work with the old FAT filesystems)...
the only caveat is, you need to be careful not to write anything to the
drive until you have your files recovered.

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