Unformat-able SD Card

Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Thu Mar 13 12:45:24 UTC 2008

komputes wrote:
> I had an SD card with Ubuntu running on it and I took it out during the 
> shutdown process, while the computer was still on. This card booted two 
> or three times but then I noticed that there were errors and  changes 
> back to  default, I could not explain it. When I got it home, the bios 
> could not even recognize the disk,  When I try reformatting it in 
> gparted it gives me a negative value for the size of the drive, does 
> anyone have a clue what could have happened to this card and how I could 
> I possibly fix it? None of my SD devices can format this card - it only 
> gives me a "card error".
    Try this. Plug in the card to a good ubuntu and see if it puts up 
anything like a good card will do. If nothing go to /media and see what 
the mount point is. It should be like KINGSTON or such.

    Now click on the image for the stick and unmount it. Now in a 
terminal type:

$ sudo mkfs.ext3 /media/Stickname 

This should put a good ext3 file system on your SD.



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