grub: High Security risk with default installation

scott redhowlingwolves at
Thu Mar 13 04:47:41 UTC 2008

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Rich Rudnick wrote:
> scott wrote:
>> Rich Rudnick wrote:
>>> If you want physical security of your box, set a bios password, put a
>>> lock on the case, and put it in a safe. grub password protection is
>>> illusory.
>> The only guarantee against somebody owning your box is to shut off all
>> Internet access and bury the box six feet under in concrete.
>> That is not a viable solution. If I have physical access to your box,
>> the sky is the limit. The sky being : time, knowledge and experience.
>> BIOS password or not. At some point you have to trust the user, or no
>> one will ever be able to configure their box how they like, etc, etc.
> I guess I should have used <sarcasm></sarcasm> ;)
Touche'. Didn't mean to step on your toes. Just stating a fact a little
after you.
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