Installation problem

NoOp glgxg at
Thu Mar 13 00:40:57 UTC 2008

On 03/11/2008 04:51 PM, James wrote:
> In trying to install Ubuntu 7.1 from the cd that I burned from the
> website I get to the 'Prepare partitions' window and get the error
> message 'No root file system defined' Please correct this from the
> partitioning menu. It is very frustrating because it does not give me
> any clue how to make the correction. It doesn't even tell me if I
> need to have the appropriate partitions set up before the
> installation, or if the install program sets them up for me. I would
> love to get this O/S running but this has stopped me cold.
> James

You didn't say which CD you are installing from: LiveCD, Alternate CD?

Are you attempting to install into an existing partition, or wanting to
allow Ubuntu to install and use the entire drive?

If you can give us a few more details about your system, and the
hardware that you are trying to do the install on then it will be easier
to assist you.

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