FYI: Duroquinone; processor

thomas fisher studio1 at
Wed Mar 12 19:24:18 UTC 2008

Article says:
"So far the device can simultaneously carry out 16 times more operations than 
a normal computer transistor. Researchers suggest the invention might 
eventually prove able to perform roughly 1,000 times more operations than a 

"Since duroquinone possesses four cones, each molecule essentially has four 
different settings. Since the central molecule can simultaneously control 16 
other duroquinones, mathematically this means a single pulse at the machine 
can have 4^16 - or nearly 4.3 billion - different outcomes.
In comparison, a normal computer transistor can only carry out just one 
instruction at once, and only has two settings - 0 and 1. This means a single 
pulse at it can only have two different outcomes. "

Hope this is of use

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