[ubuntu-marketing] Introducing a community based PC vendor. (Mike Feravolo)

steve sfreilly at roadrunner.com
Wed Mar 12 02:33:25 UTC 2008

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support at buntfu.com wrote:
| I'm sorry that I'm human Sarah and that I show emotion when something I
| did to contribute is shunned because I don't meet all the guidelines of
| professionalism.
| Professionalism to me is nothing more than a word that means remain
| completely politically correct, show no emotion and under no circumstances
| must you act human.
| Well I'm human and I have emotions and I have opinions and I have a heart
| which is the very reason I set up this site to begin with.. Ubuntu was the
| first Linux distribution that honestly gave me complete freedom from MS
| and Apple.
| To be honest after these discussions about how terrible I am for building
| this site I am very depressed and very sad. Especially the comments from
| you Sarah since I see the ubuntu.com as your email..  Sorry I'm just a guy
| and not a fortune 500 executive. I was under the impression Ubuntu was for
| ALL humans which includes opinions, feelings, emotions, flaws and heart.
| Of course then again I may be wrong.
| Question: Is Linux Trovald the most professional politically correct
| person in the big game? No way... Do we all love what he did/does for us?
| Of course... If it wasn't for that unprofessional person you wouldn't not
| have the ubuntu.com as part of your email address.
| Thanks for making me feel miserable over something I did for Ubuntu,
| Linux, the community and as a hobby for myself.
| I will also add I'm not abandoning the site I will continue to develop it,
| advertise it and move forward even if no one ever uses it because I
| believe in the idea and if only one person buys a computer from it and
| learns linux then I contributed something.
|> support at buntfu.com wrote:
|>> Good god would you guys get a friggin clue! This site is not about
|>> ripping
|>> anyone off its about giving the everyday man a venue to sell his
|>> ubuntu/linux work either as a hobby or profession whatever... I wanted
|>> to
|>> flatter Ubuntu and give Ubuntu/Linux a community based venue where
|>> anyone
|>> can sell there Ubuntu/Linux based computer because they like setting
|>> them
|>> up and maybe they can make some extra cash doing it...... And help
|>> promote
|>> linux as a whole.
|> Ignoring the rest of the thread, i'd merely like to point out...
|> <devil's advocate>
|> If the support team behaves in an unprofessional manner like this, would
|> you really entrust large amounts of money (hundreds of dollars) to them
|> for computers?  Do you have the confidence that you would get the gear
|> as requested?
|> </devil's advocate>

I had all intentions of staying as far away from this conversation as I
could, but curiosity has got the best of me.

Did you setup that website as a high school project?

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Steve Reilly


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