How safe is the upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10?

Liam Proven lproven at
Tue Mar 11 18:14:04 UTC 2008

On 11/03/2008, Shea Almumin <sbalmumin at> wrote:
> Liam,
> My question to you is why do you use all of these partitions when you can
> just virtualize everything  and have much more control? At least this way,
> you can track your potential problems easier. Apt-get is a given for the
> Ubuntu based system. All those partitions are kind of unnecessary if you
> just want to use the OS. I have seen some say that they have issues and
> kernel problems if the main OS is Linux and Win is wrapped around it in a
> virtualized machine. I will tell you this my friend. Pop your data into a
> backup, name folders according to the OS (e.g. XP, Ubuntu, etc) Blow the
> system and use Virtual Box or VMware, etc (personal preference) reinstall
> the OS's into the virtual machines and go from there. This is just a more
> realistic option. However, I will warn that your memory on the machine will
> take a hit if you use VMware.

Because I do things like test and review operating systems and so on
on my machines. VMs are no replacement for a native boot: you cannot
test hardware compatibility in a VM where the guest OS sees only
virtualised, fake hardware. You can't draw any real conclusions about
performance from an OS running in a VM. And if your main OS breaks or
fails or gets corrupted, with multiboot, you can use another one
instead, which you can't do if they're all in VMs. Even veteran MS-DOS
remains handy for things like flashing BIOSes and suchlike.

VMs have their uses. I have VMware Server on this machine and use it
for testing of downloaded ISOs without burning them to CD, or for
quick ad-hoc trials of new OSs, but they can't do everything an OS
running on the bare metal can. VMs are no substitute for the real
thing sometimes.

Virtually every PC I've ever owned has booted into 2 or 3 OSs. I do
not like to put all my eggs in one basket and trust everything to a
single OS, because if that OS goes, the machine becomes useless. Sure,
there's lots you can do with Knoppix or something, but it's much more
convenient to just have another live OS ready to use.

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