How safe is the upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10?

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My question to you is why do you use all of these partitions when you can
just virtualize everything  and have much more control? At least this way,
you can track your potential problems easier. Apt-get is a given for the
Ubuntu based system. All those partitions are kind of unnecessary if you
just want to use the OS. I have seen some say that they have issues and
kernel problems if the main OS is Linux and Win is wrapped around it in a
virtualized machine. I will tell you this my friend. Pop your data into a
backup, name folders according to the OS (e.g. XP, Ubuntu, etc) Blow the
system and use Virtual Box or VMware, etc (personal preference) reinstall
the OS's into the virtual machines and go from there. This is just a more
realistic option. However, I will warn that your memory on the machine will
take a hit if you use VMware.


On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 11:02 AM, Liam Proven <lproven at> wrote:

> I have a fairly hacked-about with 7.04 system. I have nonstandard
> apps, like Pidgin from I used Automatix to get multimedia
> support. Stuff like that.
> It's showing its age. When I boot, it drops into a bash shell as it
> starts the init process, saying that the error is that apt-get is not
> installed. I can't use ^d to exit this, but if I type "exit" and hit
> Return it continues booting normally. Yesterday, my 2nd monitor
> stopped working, and occasionally, the PC has started freezing.
> I have tried to install a 2nd system alongside my current one, but if
> I try to install from the desktop liveCD, the installer hangs when
> installing packages. The alternate CD crashes out with an error when
> installing packages.
> So I am a little reluctant to try to do an in-place upgrade on my only
> working OS!
> Is is possible and relatively straightforward to copy my root
> partition onto another volume, so that I have a backup copy, and then
> try upgrading one of them? This is already a multiboot PC: I have an
> 80GB disk with a 2GB FAT16 C: drive with DOS, then an extended
> partition, containing, in order, a 4G W2K partition, a 4G XP
> partition, a 4G spare Linux partition, an 8G Ubuntu root partition, an
> 8G Linux home partition, and the rest of the space given over to a big
> shared FAT32 drive. There's a 2nd 10G drive with dedicated swap
> partitions for Linux and Windows.
> If I move stuff around to make space and copy my root partition into
> the spare Linux partition, how can I be sure that it's loading from
> the new partition only and not getting confused and getting bits from
> its original volume? Is it possible to hide a partition from Linux in
> the same way that one can hide partitions under DOS, NT and OS/2?
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