Best way to do traffic shaping?

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resending to the list.

On Friday 07 March 2008 19:14:19 Sean Carolan wrote:
> >  I need to limit my outgoing bw, so I dont affect other users and the VOIP system.
> >  Can you help me?
> Are you running a server on your workstation?

Workstation, my Laptop.

> I'm not clear on why your upstream bandwidth use would be such a resource hog.

Mostly sending heavy emails and rsync to Hardy isos.

> Generally it's better to filter this sort of thing at your gateway
> rather than on your own workstation... 

In our company we have an Micro$oft ISA server limiting users to 20KB/s so that the VOIP aint affected.

But since Ubuntu was lots of difficulty to login to the ISA server using the Integrated Authentication, my machine and another test server can only access the Internet when connected directly ti the router WiFi.
While using it, I need to manage my BW so it wont affect other users, the servers, and VOIP.

> we use a Linksys WRT54GL with dd-wrt firmware for this - it works like a champ.

It would be quite hard to manage all 60 users permitions on a router, right?

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