Extremely slow boot time and unstable VPN connection

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Sat Mar 8 22:41:00 UTC 2008

On Friday 07 March 2008 03:20:20 pangel wrote:
> Second problem: VPN connection unstable
> "My VPN connection breaks every 5 minutes. I'm connecting to a Cisco
> concentrator (on a university campus). The problem is the same whether I use
> vpnc or the proprietary software vpnclient.
> There is no such problem when I dual-boot on windows xp, so I assume it's
> not a connectivity issue.
> Both vpnc and vpnclient do not notice anything special - firefox just starts
> hanging on "Looking up for server.tld" and ends up with a "Unable to find
> the proxy server" (I use a proxy to access Internet through the VPN
> concentrator, but when the problem occurs I can't access the local network
> of my concentrator either).

I had that same prob with VPNs on Gutsy.
It is related to DHCP from you cisco equipment or DHCP server.
Every time DHCP refreshs the IPs the NetworkManager removes the VPN configuration and sets the network's one (such as gateway, DNS server, etc).
While on gutsy, I asked the network admin to increase the DHCP lease time from two hours to 24h, and that fixed our linux users probs.
In hardy, the new NetworkManager seems to be able to fix this situation.

> Killing the processes and reconnecting to the concentrator always fixes the problem for 5 new minutes.

As I said before, since NM losses the VPN setting is just a matter of disconetting and reconnecting the VPN, but since in your case, it seems the DHCP leases are of 5 min, it can be quite frustrating.

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