text editor for web development

Brian Astill bastill at adam.com.au
Sun Mar 9 01:02:25 UTC 2008

On Sun, 9 Mar 2008 07:15:56 am Gabriel Dragffy wrote:
> Hi there
> I am probably going to be switching from an Apple system to
> Ubuntu. On Apple I use TextMate, it's unbeatable. Obviously
> won't work on Ubuntu.
> So I am asking for suggestions of other great text editors. I
> don't mind KDE or Gnome,  but I am not going to consider vi or
> emacs. Does anyone here use a text editor for serious web
> development?
> I'll be coding in xhtml, css, php, and javascript, so is there
> something that has syntax highlighting and even word completion
> for these?

One of the things for which I hate Microsoft is the way in which 
they have so swamped the market that some excellent software 
developers have felt it necessary to cater for Windows alone.
It is almost worth installing a version of Windows (and running it 
in a virtual window) in order to have the best text editor I have 
ever used - ED the Programmers Editor.  www.getsoft.com
SFAIK ED is written in C, so it should be port-able to unixen.  
Might be worth making an enquiry.

You could also use a DOS based app, TSE (used to be called qedit) 
which is also very good indeed. www.semware.com

The only text editor I can find that comes close to TSE/ED 
functionality is kate.  However, if this is specially for web 
development I'd vote for Quanta Plus.



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