How to Export Evolution Address List for Facebook

Kipton Moravec kip at
Sat Mar 8 23:17:34 UTC 2008

I have Ubuntu 6.06 LTS - the Dapper Drake and Evolution 2.6.1.

I want to export my address list so I can see if my contacts are in

Evolution has an address Import but not an address Export function that
I can find.

Is there a way to check all the addresses? I have a couple of hundred
addresses and do not want to type them one at a time.

The Facebook help says:"

"Many email clients and PIM programs allow contacts to be exported to a
file. We support the following types of contact file:
      * Comma-separated values (.csv)
      * vCards (.vcf)
      * Tab-delimited text (.txt)
      * LDAP Data Interchange Format (.ldif)"

What is the magic thing I have to do?

Kipton Moravec KE5NGX
"Always do right; this will gratify some people and astonish the rest."
--Mark Twain

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