Problems Configuring a Network Printer between 6.06 LTS and 7.10

Jay Ridgley jridgley2 at
Sat Mar 8 20:32:12 UTC 2008


I recently obtained a new computer for my wife and have Ubuntu 7.10 
installed on it, it does not have a physical printer.  I have another 
system running Ubuntu 6.06 LTS that has a HP 3180 Photosmart printer 
attached.  I have configured that printer successfully.

There appear to be two methods of installing a network printer one 
titled Printers and the other titled "Printer Configuration Local Host" 
Both are listed in the System -> Administration  Menu  (S/W  7.10) .  
Only the  Printers  entry appears  on  the  system  with the physical 
printer (S/W 6.06 LTS).

The first one allows me to add the network printer but produces the 
wrong IP address in the URL on the system with the physical printer. It 
does not work...

However, when I attempt use the show printers shared by other systems 
method using the second entry I get to a point where the install wizard 
keeps asking for my administrative password repeatedly and I am unable 
to get past that request. Yes, I am sure of the password and it is 
correctly entered, btw I am logged in as the administrative user...

The system with the attached printer is listening on port 631.  The 
Printers window does not have the option to Share printers under Global 
Settings on that system also shows only Detect LAN Printers (S/W 6.06 LTS)

I am at a loss as to what I should do... ideas or raw random thoughts 



Jay Ridgley
jridgley2 at
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