Which Python IDE?

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Sat Mar 8 15:03:15 UTC 2008

Steve Lamb wrote:

> Enils wrote:
>> Pydev is a good python editor and as you know there is an eclipse
>> plug-in for it. I use vi myself, but when I'm in the mood to use a Gui
>> Editor I use pydev. Its developers have not gone overboard with
>> options like Eric IDE for example. I like it because it's light weight
>> and does not try to be an all in one type of editor.
> <soapbox>
>      *TWEEEEEEET*  25 yard penalty for trying to seriously use "light
>      weight"
> in reference to anything written in /JAVA/.  I decided to chuck anything
> written in Java to the wayside after I decided to kick Azureus to the
> side.

LOL.  I've decided I'm working on my _last_ Java app this month.  I
completely agree.  I love Java, but the baggage...
>      Eclipse compared to other editors is the same.  It's not the program,
> it's just that Java is a pig when it comes to resources.  I really have
> never found a program in Java that is not 10x larger than a similar
> program in Python and far larger than the same program in C.
> </soapbox>

I'm not quite convinced about that.  C is tight, but C++ seems often worse
than Java.

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