downloading and compiling from source

Nils Kassube kassube at
Sat Mar 8 13:15:44 UTC 2008

Jamie Griffin wrote:
> Although, i would be interested in learning how to compile properly on
> linux.

You need at least the package "build-essential" installed but many 
programs need further development packages (package names ending 
with "-dev"). Then make a source directory in your home directory where 
you unpack the sources you want to compile and install. For many programs 
the procedure is this sequence of commands:

sudo make install

But that really depends on the individual program. There should be a file 
named "INSTALL" or "README" coming with the source code - it should 
explain what to do. If you want to install the program in a way visible 
for the package management, you should install the package "checkinstall" 
and change the command sequence above:

sudo checkinstall make install


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