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Sam Fielder <srf10130 at> wrote:

> I am trying to create a launcher for a file in my home directory to 
> access that folder directly instead of navigating (it is pretty deep) 
> thru home/sam/.

To create link to a directory or file on your desktop, *middle click* and
then drag the directory or file to the desktop, and choose "Link here"
from the small menu that will pop up. 

If you don't have a middle mouse button, the scroll wheel will usually act
as one when depressed, or you can achieve a middle click by depressing both
left and right buttons simultaneously.

Alternatively, right click the file or directory that you want to link, and
choose "Make link" from the context menu, then drag the link that appears
to your desktop.

You can do this between any directories, not just to the desktop - all it
does is create a "symlink", with its own icon. The equivalent given as a
command in the shell would be, for example

ln -s /home/sam/school /home/sam/Desktop/school

Such a link should behave exactly the way that you would expect - clicking
a file from a nautilus-opened directory link icon will open that file from
the file manager according to its type.

Deleting the link on your Desktop will not remove the files you have
linked to - only the link itself.

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