Manually opening TCP ports

Siraj Shaikh siraj.shaikh at
Fri Mar 7 10:14:30 UTC 2008

On 07/03/2008, Nils Kassube <kassube at> wrote:
> Siraj Shaikh wrote:
> > I am just wondering if there is a utility (or any feature in
> > ubuntu/Linux) that allows me to manually open a TCP port on a machine.
> > I am looking for a way that could either allow me to open ALL or many
> > TCP ports on a machine.
> If you start a server application it will open the appropriate port
> accordingly. Only if you have some kind of firewall installed, ports are
> blocked. Then you should open the wanted ports from the within firewall.
> > Also, is there any way of running a service on more than a single
> > port, or on all or many ports?
> That depends on your application. But using _all_ ports for one
> application is probably not a good idea.

I am trying to set this machine as part of an experiment, whereby it
will act like sort of a honeypot. We want anyone port scanning the
machine to find all (or many specified) ports open, or for particular
applicaions to be able to connect to them at many/various ports. Any
ideas on this?


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