Manually opening TCP ports

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Fri Mar 7 09:29:30 UTC 2008


Thanks for your reply. The idea is to run a service (which could be
available to connect to at various/many ports), or have ports open for
anyone to atleast to be able to connect to it, and then perhaps log
any traffic received on it or do nothing.

This is part of an experiment, where we are setting this machine up as
a honeypot, only available to insider (on a network). A university
network (hint hint, like yours!) is the ideal target environment for
these purposes.

Have you had any experiences of deploying anything like this? Feel
free to reply only to my email address for reasons of privacy


On 07/03/2008, Tony Arnold <tony.arnold at> wrote:
> Siraj,
> Siraj Shaikh wrote:
> > I am just wondering if there is a utility (or any feature in
> > ubuntu/Linux) that allows me to manually open a TCP port on a machine.
> > I am looking for a way that could either allow me to open ALL or many
> > TCP ports on a machine.
> I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve here. You can use a firewall
> such as firestarter or some such to control which ports are open and
> which are not. But opening a port is only useful if you have some
> service listening on that port.
> > Also, is there any way of running a service on more than a single
> > port, or on all or many ports?
> That depends on the particular service and if it can be configured that way.
> From a security perspective the aim usually is to keep the number of
> open ports to an absolute minimum, so I'm curious as to what you are
> trying to do?
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> Tony.
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