Gutsy x64 problem

Siavash Maleki maleki.siavash at
Thu Mar 6 19:35:28 UTC 2008

Hi all,
I installed virtualbox and after i runned it it said virtualbox kernel
didn't found or something (it was a long ago), then i executed its
kernel in /etc/init.d and it worked! but after i restarted my pc wont
booted again it goes to shell and said something about Nvidia kernel so
i killed my self and found 2 ways to make it work:

1. each time it goes to shell re install nvidia drivers (it always give
a error "can't build the kernel" and goes out but it works and it goes
to ubuntu with startx command.

2. change the using driver to nvid, it works but no more 3d accelerating
or desktop effects.

so any one can help me out how to make it work?? i need 3d

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