default gateway

Jaime Tarrant jaime.tarrant at
Thu Mar 6 18:01:18 UTC 2008

Amit wrote:
> Hi all , I a facing a problem that i cannot set the default gateway for
> my wireless network, however the default gateway is functioning well on
> my wired ethernet !! 
> I am using ubuntu 7.04 on my thinkpad .
> amit 
Hi Amit,

When you are using the wireless interface, try forcing the ethernet
interface down. "sudo ifdown eth0" in a console or right click on the
network-manager icon and un-check "enable wireless". Then see if it works.

What is probably happening is that your default route is still set as
eth0, which doesn't have a connection at the time, thus your network
traffic isn't sent out via the wireless interface.

You can confirm this by typing "sudo route" at the console - look for
the default route, its device will be either the ethernet or wireless

As a starting point, i'd try the above to confirm whether the
disconnected ethernet interface holding the default route is the problem.

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