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> thank you both of you Jim Rosser and Chris
> I have modified sources.list. It is easier using nano rather than vi.
> I have confuse to edit the sources.list while using vi.
> I have another problem.
> though I have setup
> http_proxy=http://
> it is seem my proxy does not allow me to connect to outside world.
> What is the right syntax to configure the proxy?
> I have used this
> http_proxy=http://DOMAIN\user:password@myproxy:port
> and seems not working.
> I can not get response when ping to
> Regards,
> Gun
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> > Im not sure i fully understand but from the looks of it you want to
> > use the
> > online repos instead of the cd.  In order to do that you need to
> > edit /etc/apt/sources.list just comment the cd repos with # and
> > uncomment the other  repos that you do need.  Im sorry but off the
> > top of my head i cannot
> > remeber whether they are already uncommented but if they are not
> > just uncomment the ones you need.  By the way in order to edit the
> > source list type the command "sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list"  you
> > might look up the basic vi commands if you dont already know them
> > as it can be somewhat tricky.
> >
> > On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 9:59 PM, Gunawan <jgun98.milis at>
> > wrote:
> >
> >> Hi,
> >> Again I would like to learn.
> >> Though I have successfully install squid and shorewall
> >> sudo apt-get install squid
> >> sudo apt-get install shorewall
> >> both program install from the cd.
> >> I would like to know how to change the package so ubuntu will
> >>
> >> package from internet.
> >>
> >> because if I run this command
> >> sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop
> >> it will say package not found.
> >>
> >> I have add
> >> http_proxy=http://myproxy:port
> >> ftp_proxy=ftp://myproxy:port<http://myproxy:portftp_proxy=ftp://myproxy:port>
> >>
> >> because myproxy require windows domain authentication I add my user
> >>
> >> http_proxy=http://DOMAIN\user:password@myproxy:port
> >> ftp_proxy=ftp://DOMAIN\user:password@myproxy:port<http://DOMAIN%5Cuser:password@myproxy:portftp_proxy=ftp://DOMAIN%5Cuser:password@myproxy:port>
> >>
> >> Can I install additional software for my ubuntu server from the
> >> internet? Regards,
> >> Gun
> >>

Assuming now that you have /etc/apt/soures.list edited accordingly, I
suspect there is no need for a proxy of any sort. Of course I could be
wrong if however you are behind some sort of corporate proxy-device
(squid or something else).

If the above is true and you are part of an IT team, one might think
that the IT powers that be would have setup some sort of allowance for
IT based devices to bypass corporate proxies.

If this is true - seek the help from an IT person to gather the proper
information etc.

Best regards,

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Hi Chris,
Thank you for your reply.
Since in my place using ISA server to connect to outside world and
ISA server require windows authentication that we need to supply
Windows Domain username and password.

I use opera for browsing in my windows and when it prompt for user name
simply I enter

where MYOFFICE is my windows domain
and then on the password I type my password.

If I remove http_proxy from bash.bashrc I still can't connect to outside 

I have installed my ubuntu server (for learning purpose) under vmware.
Then I use NAT to connect to other computer.
I can ping to my proxy server and get reply.
Therefore I believe nothing wrong with the NAT.
IMHO the problem is on windows authentication when connect to the internet.

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