no one can help me?

Nils Kassube kassube at
Tue Mar 4 17:42:42 UTC 2008

jony podder wrote:
> several times i mailed ubuntu users to solve myproblem . but no one can
> solve it. strange!!!! my problem was can't access internet with Huawei
> fixed wireless terminal cdma phone which model is ETS2258 which is
> connected to pc by usb port . i request once again please help me to
> solve this problem....

Well, if you google for that device, there is no mention of a Linux 
solution. Therefore I suppose there are only very few people trying to 
use it with Linux. Maybe you could ask your ISP or the manufacturer? If 
the manufacturer doesn't support Linux either with hardware info or with 
a proprietary driver, there isn't any hope.


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