Need help configuring a serial impact printer with Ubuntu 7.10

Johan Pretorius jpretorius at
Tue Mar 4 12:34:52 UTC 2008

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Johan Pretorius wrote:
| We are currently investigating the viability of Linux for a “Point of
| System”. Our current point of sale is using Epson TMU220 Slip printers
| a serial interface (this is also based on Linux but the Application simply
| writes directly to the Serial port (rather than using CUPS/LPD).
| I have gone as far as trying to configure the printer with System → Admin
| → Printing, but I cannot get the printer to work - Ubuntu keeps on
| me that the printer may be disconnected.
| Does anyone have any pointers on how to get this sort of printer to work
| (the open printing database says that this printer is supported, but I
| cannot figure out how to make it work with CUPS)
| Thanks

did you set it up under the cups web config at localhost:631?

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Steve Reilly

Brilliant! The web interface to configure printers told me straight away
that there is a problem with the Serial port (Permissions) - This was easily

Now the printer is printing, but it's printing garbage. I know that when I
cat something to the serial port that it actually works fine (this is when
it is a plain text file) but printing a plain text file seems to print
garbage (no idea where the formatting comes from). I will try the plain text
driver to see if it works. Please let me know if you have any more pointers
for me.


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