Multiple gnome sessions for 1 user in Gutsy

NoOp glgxg at
Mon Mar 3 20:55:44 UTC 2008

On 03/03/2008 09:50 AM, Rashkae wrote:
> I want to create extra gnome sessions for 1 user.  All the documentation
> I find on the net says there should be an Add button in the Session
> Options tab of Session Manager.  This is also what I find if I click on
> the help button on the Session Manager.   (Say that 10x fast)
> However, in Gusty, when I open the Session properties and click on the
> Session options tab, none of that is there.  All I have are a check mark
> to Automatically save my session and a Save now button.

This was available in Feisty:
and earlier:
but seems to have disappeared in Gutsy.

No idea why as I can actually login and create a second running session
(same user) if I us NX from a remote machine.

No specific mention of this missing in the gnome-session bug list:

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