Ubuntu 7.10's GParted 0.3.3: How to get it more accurate ?

SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux i-ubux at synass.net
Mon Mar 3 10:23:25 UTC 2008

Hello Ubuntu Experts and Users
Ubuntu's "Partition Editor" aka GParted 0.3.3 is quote obsolete !
There are newer versions, plus brandnew and just untested,
0.3.5 with bugfixes and improvements, available !!

Here is the link:

A MUSThave, at least for me, is GParted's Live CD or better USB
Stick !!!

I would love to find some assistance to get these tools integrated into 
Ubuntu and with newest versions onto USB Sticks !

Can we newbies count on our experts ?

Much appreciated TIA and 
cheers, svobi

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