aftermath of an ubuntu installation

NoOp glgxg at
Mon Mar 3 03:08:35 UTC 2008

On 03/02/2008 04:22 PM, Donny George wrote:
> hi
> i booted ubuntu with live cd and was not able to see my specific
> drive by accessing the drives from places - computers
> i then opened up partition editor and this is how it looks
> /dev/hda1 fat32 20 GB(my windows xp main drive)

Can you read/write the files on that drive?

> /dev/hda2 (lock symbol) external 8.55GB(my lost windows drive with
> data)

My guess would be that hda2 would be 'extended' rather than 'external'
can you confirm?

> /dev/hda5 (lock symbol) linux swap 8.07 GB(no clue wat this is )

It's the ubuntu swap file (same as below). Why you have 2 swap files
I've no ideal. However, this one looks a little suspect & hopefully the
guy's with more experience with partitioning will step in and help out

> /dev/hda6(lock symbol) linux swap 494.16MB(i beleive this is the real
> linux swap)

My guess would be that it's an extra swap. I think (others will correct
me if I'm wrong).

> /dev/hda3 ext3 9.79GB(the space i gave for ubuntu)

Can you read or find any files on that partition?

> i cant open the extended parition, nor can i access anything frmo
> within it. my hard disk is just around 39 GB
> hope i was able to provide you all with the best of information that
> i could get

There are others on the list that are much better at troubleshooting
partitions. As I said: hopefully they will step in now and provide
better assistance; at least now there is added information to go on :-)

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