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On Sun, 2008-03-02 at 11:09 -0500, Jeffrey D. Greenly wrote:
> Hello list,
> I am a recent convert to Ubuntu from Windows, and would like pointers to any collections of ham radio software available. Thanks!
> Jeff KD6HUL
> Farmington, WV, USA

Hi Jeff,

One program you may not find in the repositories is a useful Linux
version of Echolink, called Qtel. It allows you to communicate with
repeaters worldwide (that have echolink capabilities) using
voice-over-internet protocols. I've used it several times to keep in
touch with ham friends in other parts of the country via 2 meters and
their local echolink-capable repeaters. You also can use it ham computer
to ham computer, a bit like Skype or OpenWengo. You can find the
software at:

On our local Skywarn 2-meter net, we have one guy who regularly checks
in from Cape Cod (outside the repeater's range) via echolink. In this
case, he's using Qtel ham computer to ham computer. The local ham just
holds an open mike to the computer speakers. Qtel is mighty useful,
especially for emergency work. The local National Weather Service
Forecast office makes heavy use of it when they've activated the spotter
network during severe weather.

One adjustment you may have to make: For installation, the files you
need are available only as *.rpm files. But you can use the program
alien to convert the *.rpm files to *.deb files, then install them using
the command: sudo dpkg -i the-package-name-here.deb

It works like a charm!

With best regards,


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