Suspend Problem w/ Thinkpad t61

petevg at petevg at
Sun Mar 2 08:20:24 UTC 2008

Hello All,

I having been banging my head into the wall trying to fix a suspend
issue on my Thinkpad T61, running Gutsy Gibbon, and wondered if this
list might have some advice.

The issue, specifically, is that the computer will suspend to RAM
successfully, and wake successfully, one or two times in a row.  About
every third time, however, it refuses to wake up.  I open the lid, but
the suspend light remains on, and nothing else happens.  I have to
shut the computer down and reboot.

Some more details:
* I have an Nvidia graphics card, running the latest Linux drivers
from Nvidia.  For awhile, I was running the drivers direct from the
Ubuntu repositories.  The suspend issue remained unchanged under both
versions of the driver.
* I updated my bios in December, since Lenovo's release notes
mentioned sleep issues.  That didn't seem to fix the problem.
* I've followed all the relevant instructions on ThinkWiki's t61 Gutsy
page, to no avail (
* I haven't mistakenly followed any instructions on the wiki related
to Intel Graphics drivers.
* The system logs don't seem to have much to say about the issue; the
laptop never comes out of sleep far enough so that it's actually
making entries in the logs.

My question is, is anybody else having this problem, and has anybody
come across a fix?

Thank you,


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