After update Thunderbird crashs constantly

Peter l Jakobi lists at
Sun Mar 2 00:45:24 UTC 2008

On Sat, Mar 01, 2008 at 06:25:08PM -0600, Wade Smart wrote:
> >     Never do what Karl Says. It might work :-)
> > That is a real shame.
> Never do what? I hardly ever reboot because its not needed.
> But I did and it didn't help.

Well Karl, that's always the risk: It may or it may not work :>

But  it's  certainly  interesting that we've now a  clean  slate,  and
suddenly it fails reliably. [hmm, though Wade: why the false 'success'
mail at first? Probably the first hint's exactly here.]

Anyway, I like reliable failures :).


1. strace

    is  there something interesting to see when you prefix thunderbird
    and firefox with strace? Esp. near the end of it?

    [you   might   want  to  call  strace  -f  -F  -e  trace=file   -o
    STRACE-OUTPUT   COMMAND,   which  *tries*  to  cover   fork/vfork,
    restricts   output   to  file-related  syscalls  and   writes   to

2.  Also  try firefox --sync --no-xshm -safe-mode to deal with  X11  /
extension problems.

3. Furthermore, temporarily try renaming .mozilla / .mozilla-thunderbird.

0. And  before  trying anything of the above: check  syslog  and  the
   output of firefox/... on stdout. 

   Also: We really can exclude flaky ram ram / disk?

Peter l Jakobi
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