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Sat Mar 1 23:45:24 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2008-03-01 at 12:17 -0800, Johnny McDonald wrote:
> Evolution is installed when ubuntu is installed. But I agree with Karl
> Larsen Thunderbird is better.
> On Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 2:39 AM, ishii kazuo <freeparis2 at>
> wrote:
>         Good Luck!!!
>         2008/3/1, Sheramel Siriban <sheramel_siriban at>: 
>                 hi guys!
>                 just want to know if i can use evolution? i'm a new
>                 ubuntu user. 
>                 thanks!

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Isn't  "being better" also a question of personal taste ???
Both are having their contra's and pro's !!!

One very important aspect between these two has not been discussed or
I may have missed:

Evolution is *ix/*ux only !
Mozilla Thunderbird is used on many more other OS'es !!
This is very important if one needs to use different OS'es !!!

Knowing and using Firefox makes it easy to use Thunderbird because they
like brother / sister and therefor easy and familiar to use. ;-)

Myself I haven't found out yet ...
... I am sure there is a way to share Mozilla Thunderbirds data between 
either these i.e Ubuntu or whatever Windows one uses !?

Well, maybe with IMAP this isn't neccessary !?

Just to mention: You may know Foxmark already !
I find this a very interesting tool to keep my bookmarks accurate and 
identical on different systems I am using !!
One point I am missing with it:
I would like to have these bookmark stored somehow & somewhere in my own
domain !!!

Cheers, svobi

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