newbie questions about apt-get

Dave Stevens geek at
Sat Mar 1 20:26:42 UTC 2008


I have recently been asked to set up egroupware on Ubuntu 7.10. I normally use
Fedora. I formatted and installed no problem. I then looked for instructions
about egroupware and found them online. I was able to use apt-get to install
apache and mysql and egroupware. I later wanted to check some details and tried
to check the contents of the repository using the Gnome add/remove software menu
option. After quite a lot of messing around it seems that the list of apps
available from that menu does not match (there is overlap) that available by

Is this really so?

The /etc/apt/sources.list file indicates these sources:

deb gutsy main restricted
deb gutsy-updates main restricted
deb gutsy universe
deb gutsy-updates universe
deb gutsy multiverse

among others as sources for binaries.

Is it usual for apt-get to be able to access more files than the menu app? and
if so, how do I get a current list of available software? I am accustomed to
using yum list available, so some equivalent would be nice.



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