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Sat Mar 1 15:18:39 UTC 2008

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>> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>>     I read a newspaper on the web that says Vista is not selling well,
>>> and Microsoft will be dropping the price by 1/2 in most countries. It
>>> will drop even lower in Europe where Open Source competition like Ubuntu
>>> is selling with a computer for less than the best Vista software!


> That page leads me to a 404 error.  Looks like the URL was cutoff.
> Please re-post!

> Scott R. Ehrlich wrote:

Thanks Scott, but the point I was trying to make was that Karl is
mistaken and Microsoft are not discounting Vista by 50% or more.  I can
find any number of articles with the actual news that Vista is going to
have a price drop of between $30 and $80 for Home Premium and Ultimate

Karl - this was clearly offtopic.  Allow me to nudge it towards
something which might be acceptable on this list:

Any Dell Insiders here who might care to comment on how this price drop
could affect the price of a new Dell with Vista versus the price of a
new Dell with Ubuntu?  Dell have now started selling Ubuntu-equipped PCs
and laptops in Canada (and they include DVD playback!  oooo!) and this
drop, if applied to Dell's prices, would bring both systems pretty close
in price instead of the $50-$150 advantage the Ubuntu systems have
enjoyed so far.

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