Standout software for young children (say 2-4)

Martin Marcher martin at
Sat Mar 1 01:13:19 UTC 2008

On 2/29/08, Brian McKee <brian.mckee at> wrote:
>  - No internet connectivity

 - have internet connectivity but be sure to use WHITE LISTS - do not
trust in any filtering software. ONLY ALLOW SITES (pages actually not

 - I think that having a enough content to play with would be a
problem, if it's a group of children they will make hell break loose
if they get bored because they know how to draw and fiddle around
after a week and just try to explore what else to do with a computer
.oO(Maybe he want's half of my meal, Yes I'll just stick it in that
...thingie..., I bet he's hungry) - next thing you know is a
brzzzzzzzling sound and

a) the computer is fried or
b) the child is fried or
c) both of the above

(The worst thing possible _will_ happen)

>  - I'm also thinking of making both mouse buttons right click - that's an option
>   in Tux Paint I always thought was smart...  if I could make it apply to that
>   one account only it would be perfect.

 - remove mouse and keyboard, make it touchable....

>  - I could install WINE and an MS based software product if there's a real stand
>   out for that age bracket I suppose.

 - no if you need software from MS use MS Windows, using wine will
just bite you when you want to have a finished system that is closed
in itself and integrated into some prepared workflow

 - let the children paint with their fingers choosing color by tapping
at simple bubbles and choosing tools by tapping at appropriate symbols

 - let them enter input by providing _huge_ numbers and characters,

 -- imho children do see a lot better than their ability to do fine
grained moves has grown - put sense in that last part as you see fit,
I'm not a native english speaker and it's 2AM now :)

>  Other suggestions?

nope, but i'd appreciate a list of software you found usefull or a
writeup later here on the list.

I think that it's quite an interesting projet and that you have to
switch your understanding of how to use a computer (after all just
using something that is not Apple or MS makes us all advanced users,
regardless of actual experience level)


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